Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Improv quilt done for Project Linus (thanks Pat Bravo!)

I had my sister help me with the full photos after we took our run- so you get a peek of downtown Portland!
In case you missed the explanatory post it is here, but the gist is I made this quilt to be given to Project Linus after Pat Bravo posted on her blog that she had too many scraps and needed quilt makers to use them up. I thought it was an excellent chance to use some Art Gallery fabrics (I never had before) and to help do some good. (Readers may know I am a sucker for charity quilts.)
Fast forward to late December, when I decided to make my Christmas gifts, so this got put on the back burner. Another factor was tension issues with my thread and/or my machine. Either way, I fixed them and finished quilting and binding over 2 days! Whew, I can be productive when I put my head down- and when my husband does bedtime with our toddler for me. Heh.
 My mission was to make the quilt only with the scraps I received- and I did pretty well, but I did have to use some white on the backing and a stash sheet for my binding. The pieces I needed were too large, and I only had 1" strips left.
 This was my first time trying zig zag stitch for finishing the binding. I love how it is more forgiving, but I did get a bit off track here...full disclosure, process pledge, you know. But I can live with one spot.
 These improv blocks were a blast to put together, and I tried not to let myself care about the color combos too much either, except to follow some rudimentary cool/warm scheme for each. Malka Dubrawsky's method of improv piecing made this a blast. And wild. And colorful.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think about it- too crazy? I know it is a taste thing, so I am just curious- I promise I won't get my feelings hurt!

Quilt stats:
Finished size: 53" by 47"
Pattern: "Nate's Quilt" from Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky (I mostly followed it!)
Top: All Art Gallery scraps from many different lines, sent by Pat Bravo for the purpose
Binding: A stash sheet from Serena and Lily
Backing: More Art Gallery scraps and some stash Kona snow
Quilted: on my Brother in straight lines on the diagonal with variegated King Tut thread


  1. Not crazy at all. Perfect for a child I think (or me, lol).

  2. I agree with Katie, not crazy at all! I love it and I bet it is really soft and snuggly. I love those fabrics. Great job, Amorette!

  3. I now remember this from last night! There were so many quilts hard to keep track. What a great color scheme, I've heard good things about Malka - and it shows in this quilt. It is a bold color choice not for the traditional - but it ends up working. Nice!