Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday- are these scrap blocks working?

Work in progress Wednesday! And a happy snow day to those with one- we have one, and it is so beautiful! We rarely have seen snow where we live for the last few years (since Boston!) so it is exciting to have snow on the ground in Portland. 

New Projects: 
Scrap usage 

 I am working on using up some scraps, inspired by all the scrap posts lately, but I a not sure if these are a hot mess or just a mess. I kinda just wanted to go whole hog (wow, there is a lot of slang in this post already!) and just piece scraps together in a big block and then frame it in some neutral background, but I am not sure that will work. What do you think? Keep on trucking (couldn't resist) or just trash these and work from other scraps? I am tempted just to keep at it and see what happens...

Taza Sparkle Punch Quilt
I posted about this new WIP yesterday. These are my cut bundles of Taza for the Oh, Frannson! Sparkle Punch QAL. I am very excited about these, just have to get some grey Kona (coal? medium grey?) for the background. White would be too boring, and lots of the prints have white in them. Ugh, more cutting, but yay, more sewing blocks!

Old Projects:
Here is where I have re-evaluated. I have no uncompleted projects that I have started in the past, and I am making up a new list of what I want to do this year. Among them is a quilt from Dare to be Square by Boo Davis, which I got for Christmas, and some kind of quilt(s) to use up my Parisville FQs in purple. Either a giant vintage star or a couple minis in some cool pattern. I am open to suggestions!


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  1. The blocks look great! and snow in Portland - enjoy it, and stay safe!

  2. Love your improv blocks and the Sparkle punch quilt will be beautiful!!

  3. Keep doing them, they look really good. I really should put my time to better use and get some projects started and completed.