Monday, January 9, 2012

Fabric basket to store letters (the ABC kind)

 I made a fabric basket! I have had this bookmarked forever as a to-do project, but I got the kick in the pants I needed because my son needed something to store felt letters in from a gift. I used the tutorial from Pink Penguin, and it would have been even faster had I actually looked at the photos!
 See, I sew in the basement now without a computer, so Saturday night I wrote down the tutorial and then went downstairs to sew. I had not picked out fabrics yet, so from that point until having the exterior and lining done only took me about 2 hours! So far, so much excellent-ness.
 Cut to today, when I sewed the lining to the exterior and realized I attached the handles to the inside of the exterior. Rookie mistake. So I took out the trusty seam ripper, ripped and flipped, then finished it up in another hour, I think. Not too bad, all in all.
I used fabrics salvaged from samples my husband's old architecture firm was trashing, and the lining is some fabric from my stash I was gifted. So I am no help there! I highly suggest design firms for small bit of cool heavier weight fabrics- they get rid of them all the time!

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  1. Looks great! I have this bookmarked to make sometime too.

    I was briefly an interior design major and loved working in the sample room. Not so much for the cleaning up but to check out all of the goodies in there.

  2. I`ve made a couple of these for others but haven`t made myself one yet...must remedy that soon. BTW, I made the same rookie mistake on the first one... a lovely make.

  3. What a great basket! I love that you used the sample fabric from your husband's firm! All those fabrics look very unique and special! Now I want to make one for myself! ;)

  4. Looks great, Amorette! We could definitely use a few of those around here!