Friday, January 20, 2012

Resolved to Sew 2012

As you may know from the bloggy world, Very Berry Handmade is offering some very lovely prizes for writing a Resolved to Sew 2012 post, and I simply cannot resist those. But I also think making this list for myself was nice for (mostly) clarifying what I would like to sew this year, and in what method I would like to accomplish it. 

My overall goals are:
  1. Sew at least 30 minutes a day 
  2. Finish at least one non-quilting project 
  3. Use my stash as much as possible
  4. Resist perfectionism in all manifestations. This is supposed to be a fun diversion from mom and wife work!
My specific goals for projects will be amended a few times I am sure, but include:
  1. Finishing the whale I began knitting last year
  2. Use up my remaining Tula Pink Parisville, in a giant vintage star quilt or for hexies in a few mini quilts
  3. Make a Sparkle Punch quilt with Taza FQs
  4. Make some Mid-Century House blocks for a quilt, massively inspired by this post from Tallgrass Prairie Studio
  5. Make a scrappy quilt to clean out my scrap drawer
  6. Use my Kona Poseidon bundle remains to make that ill-fated DNA quilt, or a pennant quilt
  7. Make at least one project (weiner dog, quilt in the headlights or alarm clock) from Dare to be Square Quilting
  8. Do the projects from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild- I just joined, and it will be a blast
So this post has no pictures, and therefore is not as appealing, so I will add a shot from Very Berry Handmade of the fabric prize I would choose should I win, the bundle of Summersault from Backstitch.

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  1. I love your projects and envious of you still having some Parisville - mine has nearly all gone! How lovely to have a Poseidon bundle too! Good luck with your resolutions.