Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finished purple quilt, new fabric

I have been not so excellent at posting my progress on this quilt, mostly because I was wanting so much to finish it that I could not bear to take extra time away from the sewing room. But now this quilt is finished, and I am officially on purple overload. The finished quilt is approximately 42"x 42" +/- 1/2" here and there. You know, standard deviation has its place in the sewing world.

detail of block, sashing and binding

almost full-length of quilt

quilt back, pieced with scraps from the front

And the reason I was in such a hurry to finish this quilt, you ask? I had an excellent new stack of fabric coming from Fat Quarter Shop courtesy of Bec from Chasing Cottons, and her blogiversary giveaway. It was difficult to choose what to get, but exciting to pick new stuff without spending guilt. I picked some FQ packs and some kona yardage for quilts I had in mind I wanted to make. Then I had a huge amount of fabric in my cart and had to whittle it down. 

I have been busy washing my haul today, because I am apparently of the "wash before you use" camp, though not everyone is. For the record, the solids pack is Kona Poseidon FQs, the prints are Tula Pink Parisville, which I could not resist and are even better than I had hoped, and the yardage is Kona medium grey. I can't wait to get started on a new project with these! I'll be better about posting during my progress this time around. 

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