Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday- what have I been doing with my new stash?

I am officially on the blog bandwagon, so why not get on the format wagon too? WIP= work in progress, so I am here to report and be held accountable for my progress this week. Okay, maybe it is mostly just a blatant desire to show someone else what I have done. Without further ado, here is my cutting table with the Kona Poseidon fabric chopped up. It really pays to have a glass table to shine a light below my mat to cut more accurately. Good
architect-y trick.

 Here is the green side all color-arranged and sewed up. I have been thinking the grey is too dark, but it had become pretty clear this is an experimental quilt in many ways, so I am going to run with it.

Here is the corresponding blue side all arranged and sewed up, ditto. I think I like this side better. I am so colorist.

And this is what they look like lined up together. I am not sure about this, but it was my original concept going into the project. Now I am wondering if I like it, or if I should sew the two color sides as separate small quilts and just hang them side by side as display quilts.

Any thoughts on the aesthetics?

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  1. This looks lovely - these colours look great with the grey!