Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A few thoughts on sewing or crafting with kids

In reality, this could as easily be a post about sewing while working a job, having a husband or partner, or being all-around busy with your gourmet cooking (and eating) habit. Finding time to sew when you have other responsibilities is really about being a little....selfish. Remove the negative connotations from that word, and bask in the glory of an hour of selfishness a day. It's good for your mental state, which makes you a better mom, wife or partner, co-worker and gourmand.

Justified thusly, what about the logistics? For me, I sew when my son naps, or in larger quantities when he goes to bed at night. A few things have helped immensely with this: a supportive husband who encourages my selfish time, a monitor to hear or see my son, and a separate space to work in. Our house is small, and my son's room is right next to the living room and very near the only other working space in the dining room, but we have a space in "the studio," what would be a garage otherwise. It removes noise from our house while he sleeps, but also lets me have things spread out without having to worry about little hands on scissors or needles. Or pulling down a quilt I am in the process of piecing.

However you get the process to work for you, if you need that little time for yourself, to make something beautiful or try a new hobby, please find a way to make it work. I know it helps me a lot to have some time and space to do something wholly my own, and I hope it will help everyone else. It is not perfect, because it does take time in the evening from my husband and our time, but it also means I get to neglect a pile of dishes from the afore-mentioned gourmet cooking and eating, and to avoid diaper laundry. These last are definitely worth putting off for 30 minutes to an hour!

I have been quilting for the past two days in the evening, and here are some progress shots:
the front

the back

And are the loaves of honey whole wheat bread I made yesterday, minus the one that got devoured with dinner. Homemade bread is also worth the diversion, and actually not difficult to do while my son is awake, except the opening the oven bit.


  1. same here! I started quilting seriously after I had my daughter... being a mom, you take the time you can get, even if it's 15 minutes... happy sewing!

  2. I like these purple ones!! :) Especially the back!!!!

  3. Yum. That bread looks good. I'm a fan of baking my own bread too. Do you have a recipe for this as it sounds as tasty as it looks.