Sunday, July 17, 2011

The story of the first quilt I made

Until I get more photos published (and figure out how to do those spiffy photo sidebars that quilters have showing the quilts they have completed) here are some photos of quilts I have made, and a description of the first.

The first quilt I made, I only have a picture of the quilt top, and it is off-centered and wonky. I would like to think my photo skills have gotten better as time goes on, but no promises there. I have a ridiculously hard time remembering to take photos of my quilts before I give them away. I have yet to ask my sister to take a photo for me, and I made this quilt in November of 2008.

This was my start to quilting, because I wanted to make one for my new nephew, so I bought fabric, though about taking a class, decided to bag it and just made it up as I went along. I appliqued the colored animals onto a strip quilted background of black and white. The backing is a candy striped orange and I folded it up on the front to use as a binding. I did that because the only handmade quilt I possessed used that method of binding, but I have not done that since. It is a crib sized quilt, 36" x 44" if I had to wildly guess.

These are a few other quilts I have made, and hopefully will write more posts about later. Blogging about past quilts is a little strange, I have only seen others blog about WIPs or finished projects in the present. Bear with me. These should be in loose chrono order.

There we are! I have finished many more quilts than this (well, at least half as many) but photos are outstanding- not in the sense that they are breathtakingly beautiful, but that they are missing. More to come!

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  1. I love your quilts, the colours work really well together. Pop over to my blog and say hi, and have a look at the quilt I made.