Saturday, September 10, 2011

Project from a craft book (Amy Butler of course)

I have been on a road trip the last week and just got in my sewing room yesterday, so I am posting just to keep up. I wanted to show off a project I completed for my son a while ago, from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones. This is the quick change tabletop set. It made a nice nesting project for me before my son was born, and I loved having a nice place to change him in different rooms- instead of buying a changing table we were able to use this on top of a dresser. 

Again, I am not sure of the fabric maker or name of the prints, as this came from a gifted stash, but I know the flannel I used for the removable pad was from a receiving blanket. Those turned out to be very ubiquitous and useless for swaddling, but nice for covering a changing table!

The pattern was easy to work with, and the real challenge was prepping the materials, because it asks for high density foam, and for it to be cut to exacting measurements- and me without the suggested electric serrated knife! I muddled through and was able to get the fabric to fit over the bolsters (in some cases just barely!) and it worked wonderfully.

The genius of this design is many fold, and it was the most useful thing I made for my son so far.
  1. The changing pad itself is removable (you may be able to see in the picture above, the extra edge) and attaches with velcro, so when it gets dirty (say, 15 times a day) you can wash it separately.
  2. The bolsters on the sides are also removable, so they can be washed when they get dirty as well. Saying this reminds me- sewing that velcro was also kind of a pain. And I was surprised how expensive it was to outfit this pad in velcro! Shocking!
  3. The little pocket on the side is lovely for storage and makes the whole deal look that much better finished. That Amy Butler, she does know how to make even a diaper disaster area look good!
  4. The length is nice and was useable for a long period of time, even with a pretty long baby. By the time he really started rolling around I was on the floor anyway.
  5. No need to buy extra furniture, or to move something heavy when baby changes rooms- moved easily from my dresser to his room and to the floor for visitors or roly poly babies.
Overall, highly recommend this project, very useful, very cute and makes a nice decorative (and customizable) addition to a baby room.
I made a few other things from this book- the modern diaper bag pattern I posted about here with pictures (end of the post), and I will have to show off the snuggie blanket some other time :)

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  1. This is such a great project! It looks like it would be so handy for a baby. Thanks for linking up to Craft Buds!

  2. Amorette--this is an awesome project! I really like the diaper bag you whipped up, too. :)