Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday- where not a lot got done

Okay, some things got done, but mostly these involved caring for a sick son and trying to take care of a house in the process. And the sick son is a toddler, not eating anything and not sleeping. This last you realize does cut into my sewing time. There's a reason this blog is titled the way it is. So I'll be less wordy this time.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

My quilt to donate for 100 quilts for kids, as seen yesterday. It is now washed, but I doubt that justifies many more pictures.

Making a new list for my to-do for this page. Last week I winged it, but now I want to actually use it to keep myself accountable. Yay.

Banner (bunting?) for my friends' kids, to decorate their new room. I am using blues for background and red for the letters. They have now been cut out, ready to sew- maybe tonight?

Cutting out patterns and fabrics for my Amy Butler patterns using my Harmony Arts fabrics. This is where I need some advice.

For the Domestic Goddess Apron: This fabric too busy? Or is it okay? I wanted to make a kinda crazy mix here for my sister, so the flowery fabric would make up the bulk and the blue and brown Harmony Arts the accents. Thoughts?
The next project from the AB patterns is the Birdie Sling. I am using the center Harmony Arts fabric for the main part of the bag and trying to decide on my accent fabric. The batik on the left? The flowery Kona Bay on the right?

Or the green?

No progress:

  • DNA quilt (design and cutting step 1)
  • Echino Squared-inspired Parisville quilt top (arranging blocks)
  • Kaleidoscope quilt with the pomegranate Parisville
  • Other quilt to donate to 100 Quilts for Kids- perhaps a ticker tape or other QAL quilt?
  • Knitting a doll/softie for Christmas gift for my niece
This week's stats:
Completed projects - 1
New projects - 1
Currently in progress - 7


  1. Sorry to hear about the sick son:/ That's no fun. The bunting looks cute though! I totally vote for the green, I think it POPs the most :) But of course, your opinion is the most important.. go with the one you can't get out of your head ;)

  2. I so hear you - my son is 3 and doesn`t get sewing. Hope yours is feeling a little better. Looks like you are getting some lovely things done.

  3. Total bummer about your son. Nothing fun about sick kids, and nearly impossible to keep the house clean when they are well, much less when they aren't feeling good! I think the fabric combo for the apron looks good and I like the green fabric as the accent on your bag. I really like the big floral print you are using for the main fabric!

  4. I'm loving the green! But I'm a green lover. Hope your babe feels better soon! Nothing like a mommy cuddle to feel better...

  5. I love that bunting!! And you must be really pleased with the quilt you finished - it's lovely.

  6. Aw. Hope your son is on the mend! Aprons are meant to be fun (I think), and I also vote for the green accent. :-)

    Love the brown quilt too! Once I am unpacked from my move, I totally need to start sewing again...

    Can't wait to see the DNA quilt!!