Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where I sew

I wanted to add a photo of where I sew. It is not too fancy, for sure, though that new chair really classes up the joint, eh?
Mostly I wanted to show this to underscore my point about taking time for yourself, mom or not, to do something creative, productive (in a non-essential way), and all your own. I do not have all the best equipment; sometimes my machine drives me crazy with its inadequacies, my table is wobbly when I sew too fast (there's a Zen lesson there), and my rotary cutter for some reason always dulls fast. My cutting mat is shared with my architect husband for model building. There's a lack of table space, so I use the guest bed.

But I love to be out there and working! It is my space, my time, and I love to have something else going on while my toddler sleeps. I'm a young-ish stay at home mom and a housewife, and though it seems cliche to be quilting, I actually do enjoy the creative process.

Small New Blog Meet-Up


  1. I love seeing other people's sewing spaces. Our guest bedroom is also my sewing spot and the bed is usually covered! Nice to meet you!

  2. Hi, I love your sewing space. I've popped over from Lily's to follow your blog. Please pay me a visit, if you have time, Janine :)

  3. I may have to subscribe to your zen sewing table theory, mine wants me to convert when ever I sew fast too!

  4. If your rotary cutter always dulls fast, do you think it too might get shared with your husband's model building? ;)
    I haven't gotten around to setting up a sewing space. And when I finally do, I'm still not sure howmuch I'll use it. The bed and couch are fairly comfy for hand sewing.

  5. Haha, yep, I use the dining table and the spare room for stashing things! Oh, and a spare shelf in our bedroom wardrobe too. How I dream of a sewing room one day!!

    I too sew when I have time, between my 2 under 2, housework, husband, etc!

    New follower from Lily's Quilts xx

  6. Hey - I am visiting from your link at Lily's Quilts! I'm going to follow you as part of the Small Blog Meet! Please come visit me as well... makingrebeccalynne.blogspot.com

    I am drooling over that stash of solids you in that pic. I am bereft of all solid fabrics at the moment and am very jealous.

    Thanks for sharing your blog!

  7. It's not the space that's important, it's what you do in it. Create and have fun!