Sunday, May 6, 2012

Zakka style sew along- pencil case

I am working my way through Zakka Style in a very picky way, and this pencil case was perfect for this week, since I wanted to make a gift for my second cousin who just moved to town and started kindergarten, sort of a welcome to school gift. What better match than a pencil case made with Little Apples scraps?

The linen I used is actually cut up from an old pair of pants that my husband wanted to give away, and I grabbed them for this sew along! Yes, upcycling is very Portlandia. I am happy with the scrap details even if they are not perfect- that linen is hard to work with. Doesn't hold its shape very well.
 As a consequence I ended up using the interfacing on the exterior rather than the interior as the directions read. I also seemed to have less room than necessary on the scrap band to hold the top in- did anyone else have this issue? I fell like instead is trimming it to 3" I should have left it a bit longer and pinned with room to spare. My top gets a little cramped in there (maybe you can see in the top photo).

Fun stuff, and easy to whip up, yet again. Just took an hour and a bit one night.

Zakka Style Sew Along


  1. I left a little slack in the band, but it still could use a little more to close easier. I plan to make a few more anyway :-) I like the scraps you used on your case.

  2. Yours turned out so cute! And yes, I found that band just a bit tight too. I thought it might be because of the extra layer of fabric that I "anchored" my selvages to, but now I see otherwise... I will probably give it an eighth of an inch or so more next time.

  3. Super upcycling of fabric. Lovely job!

  4. This turned out so cute and Little Apples is perfect for a pencil case! I like how you were able to upcycle those pants! I did the interfacing on the exterior instead of the lining too, but I didn't realize I did that wrong until just now :D! My flap was a bit cramped too, another blog mentioned tapering the flap next time and I think I might try that on my next pencil case.

  5. This is adorable! I will be sewing up one of these eventually and it's good to note some of the issues with it.