Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mini quilt challenge entry- Shaaarrk!

I made this mini quilt in response to the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge from Ellison Lane Quilts. It measures 19" x 21.5" and is super cool.
Modern Mini Challenge

I have wanted to try making a reverse applique quilt with patchwork ever since I saw this amazing quilt from Dan at Piece and Press. I knew it would take many tries to pull off an amazing piece like this, so I wanted to get trying! I love sharks and worked in shark research for a summer in college, so I knew what animal I had to make. They are as old as dinosaurs, so the connection was complete.

I made the grey patchwork square first, and loved the way it looked all on its own, but I forged on. I took out my shark books and found some pictures I liked, then drew them only as lines to see how well they would translate to patchwork. I picked this shape because I thought the plain side view was not graphically interesting enough. It is a little played out, in other words.

I loved the shark after I cut it out, but it was clear I needed to add the eye and the mouth and nose lines for the applique to read as a shark. So this is really a skill builder for me. I almost called in my sister but resisted.
Then I quilted on some wave lines to look like water, which I am pretty pleased with. I tried variegated blue thread thinking it would look cool, but it just got lost in the blue fabric, so white it is.

Overall, good lessons, fun time making it, and a nice piece for my shark loving household. Case in point: my toddler identifies the size of his bites relative to shark species and their size,
i.e. a lemon shark bite < tiger shark bite < megalodon bite.

Yes, we are bio (and shark) nerds. Love it.

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  1. Very cool indeed - your shark is fabulous! Good luck!

  2. So great! I love the view of the shark you chose. It makes it more interesting than a standard side-on view.

  3. Your shark is wonderful and I enjoyed the story behind it.

  4. OMGosh! I am in love with the work of Dan at Piece and Press too. Your work came out wonderfully. It's so awesome and gorgeous at the same time. I love the quilting and embroidery too. Actually, I love it all.

  5. Amorette, this is so fun! Love the shark, and I adore that your son classifies his bites by shark!

  6. great quilt. I have always wanted to try a reverse appliqué quilt.