Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New hexies quilt top

Majorly abbreviated post, but I wanted to send my hexies quilt out into the blogosphere and stop putting off posting until I have some lengthy great post written, since that is unlikely to happen! I even had to borrow this picture from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild blog because I have not taken one yet. Slacker to the max.
This is my Curious Nature Hexies top, made for my son to replace his baby quilt. He even helped me with the sewing (and by that I mean sat in my lap while I sewed) and helped choose the Kona solids to mix in. The rest is Parson Grey's Curious Nature, thanks to Free Spirit fabrics.


  1. HA! I totally feel like I could have written that first paragraph. Your son's quilt is fabulous! Great mix of colors and prints for a growing boy!

  2. Love it! Is there actually a pattern or purpose to the layout of the pieces?
    As I mentioned before - love that he "helps"/makes sewing take longer - great life skill!

  3. It`s gorgeous! I love it. If you put it on flickr, please put it in a group I set up called, I Love a Curious Nature!