Saturday, October 15, 2011

Been a long time...updates from a rainy city

Hello to my readers! I have moved to my new city of Portland, Oregon and am somewhat settled in, enough to be sewing once again and trying to get back into my groove. Most of my time up to this point has been focused on moving in to our new house and playing with my son. His sleeping times have been occupied by unpacking and organizing, cleaning and relaxing with my husband. And looking for a nice modern not-too-expensive couch (no luck on the last front). 
 This is my color-organized bookshelf- can you tell I missed my sewing/quilting?
 Our new front door
 My new sewing area- smaller, but hoping this smaller footprint will make me more organized!
 My Little Apples jelly roll all cut up and ready to use to make some string blocks (I am using the instructions from The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartmann, a fellow Portlander)
 These are the selvedges- don't they look interesting in this little bunch?
 This is an Heirloom bundle I won from Angie at Stitching by Starlight, from her 10 for 10 interviews, which if you missed are still on her blog. My first fabric winnings at my new house!
This I received before I left Cali but forgot to mention it here in the madness- this is a Storyboek fat quarter bundle from Birch fabrics, which I received from the Green Bag Lady. These are beautiful and soft- now I just need a plan for them!

More to come soon, but for now, I need to get back to stitching my Little Apples!


  1. I love your bookshelves! Glad you are getting settled and have gotten your machine out again. Good luck on the couch hunt!

  2. Glad you've got your projects going! Hope you're getting all settled in.

  3. I just stopped by from Toni's blog. I live just up north on I-5 in the other big city with lots of trees. ;) I visit Portland pretty often because I have family that live there and because Portland has a really great creative community. I just posted a small bit about the Alberta Arts District in the north east part of the city. You may want to take a trip up there and explore a bit. Elizabeth Hartmann (who I actually met this past weekend) teaches at Modern Domestic. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

  4. Stopped by from Toni's blog... Happy Birthday!

  5. Just came over from Toni's blog and wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday...aren't you blessed to have such a sweet friend...glad you are getting settled in.